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Should I Get a Lawyer After a Motorcycle Accident?

A motorcycle accident can be a devastating experienced followed by a long, stressful ordeal of handling damages, injuries, insurance claims and sometimes even legal proceedings. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be overwhelmed and wondering which steps to take next. Regardless of the severity of the accident, it is wise to speak with an attorney. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can review your situations and help to determine the best course of action to take. Below are some questions you may have about hiring a lawyer. Do I need a lawyer if there are no severe damages or injuries? After a motorcycle accident, many people believe a lawyer is not necessary if the accident was minor or little to no injuries were suffered. Unfortunately, even seemingly minor accidents involving a motorcycle can result in severe injuries and damages. In addition, injury symptoms do not always appear right away, so minor injuries may appear or worsen later on. These types of injuries can be expensive to treat if proper legal action is not taken in time. A motorcycle accident lawyer can ensure that should injuries occur, you are able to recover damages from the liable party if there is one. Won’t my insurance company protect my rights? People often think that in the event of an accident, motorcycle insurance or the insurance of the other driver will provide the necessary coverage and protection. The reality is that insurance companies are profitable businesses that aim to make money and not lose money. This means that the insurance provider or providers involved in the accident will likely do what is necessary to pay as little as possible. If you sustained injuries and damages in the accident, you may receive an unfair payout from the insurance company if you try to handle matters on your own. A motorcycle accident lawyer has experience dealing with insurance companies. He or she can protect your rights and negotiate on your behalf to improve your chances of receiving a fair payment from the insurer. What if I can’t afford an attorney? One of the most common reasons motorcycle accident victims may not seek the help of a lawyer is because they believe hiring a lawyer is too expensive. If this is your only reason for not hiring a lawyer, then you will be pleased to know that hiring a lawyer often saves...
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Filing a Personal Injury for a Sports League Injury

Every year across the country, millions of people participate in a variety of sporting activities. Lacrosse, baseball and basketball are among the most popular types of leagues. You may have questions about compensation related to medical expenses if you have been injured while playing in a sports league. If you were injured and believe someone else may be responsible for the accident, you may be interested in knowing how to proceed in filing a personal injury claim. Prior to doing so, it will be important to have an understanding of your legal rights, including the benefit of enlisting a personal injury attorney with skill and experience.    Before you File a Claim There are steps that must be taken that are imperative prior to submitting a claim with the insurance company. See a medical professional for an evaluation of the injuries you received. It will be important that you seek medical treatment should you receive an injury from an accident related to your participation in a sports league. Have your doctor provide you with written documentation regarding the injuries you received. Make sure that the information provided to you is as specific as possible. Gather documentation that includes information regarding the scene where the accident took place in addition to the injuries that you received. This may include making videos or taking photos of the scene. Obtain witness information such as names and contacts. Be sure to gather a statement from the witness regarding their account of the accident. The statement should be signed and dated by them.   Insurance Companies You will be ready to file your personal injury claim with an insurance company once you have complete the steps listed above. It will be important the you are within the deadlines as dictated by the insurance company and state laws to file a claim. You will be provided with a claim form from the insurance company that will need to be completed. Be sure that you are diligent in filling out the claim form correctly. A personal injury attorney will be able to ensure that your claim is filled out correctly. Soon after the incident, the insurance company will want to interview you. The insurance company will work to deny your claim or limit the compensation you are entitled to by eliciting statements that impact the validity of your claim. Obtaining legal counsel can drastically shift the...
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6 Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of auto accidents these days. Experienced personal injury lawyers frequently represent individuals who were involved in car accidents that were caused by cell phone use or other distractions. Taking your eyes off the road for even a few seconds can significantly increase your chances of getting into an accident. Here are some tips for avoiding distracted driving: Organize Your Things Before Driving Off Before you hit the gas pedal, it is a wise idea to know exactly where your important things are. Set up your GPS route, have your toll money where you can see it, and keep your coffee cup in the cup holder next to you. If you are organized and know exactly where your things are, you’ll be less likely to take your eyes off the road. Put Your Phone Out of Reach Many of us are attached to our smartphones and can’t go anywhere without them. However, it should come as no surprise that it’s a bad idea to use your phone when you are driving. In fact, many states have made it illegal to talk on the phone or to text while driving. One way to ensure you don’t reach for your phone is to put it out of reach when you’re in the car. Another solution is to turn on an automatic text message reply feature to send an automatic reply that you’re driving and will answer the phone later. If nothing else, it’s also possible to just turn off your phone entirely. Don’t Talk About Serious Matters on the Road Have you ever had a serious conversation with one of your passengers while you’re driving? The car might seem like the perfect place for a private conversation, but it’s not a good idea to engage in serious discussions while you’re behind the wheel. It’s all too easy to lose focus of the road ahead of you if you’re involved in a heated debate or an unpleasant conversation. Ask Your Passengers for Help If you have other people in the car with you, do not be afraid to ask them to help you with things. For example, you could have them navigate the GPS or change the stations on the radio. Avoid Eating While Driving Many drivers eat and drink while they’re behind the wheel. Maybe you don’t want your coffee to get cold,...
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Injuries & Civil Lawsuits After a Car Accident

A car accident can cause a victim to experience major changes in many areas of their life, and leave them with an abundance of questions and concerns. Not only may someone walk away with a range of physical injuries, but financial and mental damages as well. Many wonder what to do in the aftermath of a car accident. Here we have aimed to provide that information through a question and answer format. What should a victim do right after an accident? How you handle an accident can impact your ability to overcome financial and physical setbacks. Regardless of how you well you may feel at the time of an accident, it is recommended you seek medical attention anyways. With a combination of shock, panic or stress our bodies may disguise injuries until we have fully calmed down. Do not wait days or weeks later to get an examination by your doctor. If something does not feel right at the time of the crash, call for an ambulance to receive emergency care. To seek financial compensation for damages and injuries, many victims choose to file a civil lawsuit against the offending driver. What if I was a victim of a hit and run car accident? If a driver was to hit you and then drive off without taking care of the matter, try to gather as much information about the car as you can. Details such as what the driver looked like, type of car, which way they were driving away, and license plate number can help law enforcement track down the culprit. You will likely be very angry and confused. Try to stay calm and check yourself for obvious injuries. Feel your chest, abdomen, neck and extremities for injuries. Once you are deemed physically stable, you can take the next following steps: Call the police to file an official report Ask nearby witnesses if you can have their contact information, as a statement may be useful Document the scene of the collision through photographs Get an exam from your doctor Contact your insurance agency to report the accident Hire an attorney for legal guidance What kind of injuries are common for a vehicle accident? Injuries can range anywhere from mild bruises, to fractures and brain injuries. The severity of injuries a person may suffer from all depends on the scenario. The most common injuries of a car crash can...
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Universal Reasons for Pedestrian Accidents

As a pedestrian, you are at risk for being hit by a vehicle even if you have taken the best steps to protect yourself from harm. Most often, a pedestrian accident happens due to a careless and negligent driver’s unsafe behavior. Until more drivers practice being alert and not distracted behind the wheel, pedestrians will remain at a high risk for being struck by a car. What are the main causes of pedestrian accidents? There are many threats a pedestrian may encounter when walking in public areas. The main contributing factors to being hit can include the following: Drivers failing to look for pedestrians crossing in outlined crosswalks before driving through. Drivers not stopping at stop signs or street lights. Drivers being distracted by the radio, cell phone or other passengers. Speeding and racing Driving while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol Drivers not considering inclement weather or traffic conditions Failing to signal before turning What are the range of pedestrian injuries? The type and severity of pedestrian injuries varies depending on how fast the car was going, what kind of car, where the pedestrian was hit, if they tumbled over the car and more. The most frequently treated injuries are listed below: Traumatic brain injury Internal bleeding Organ bruising or rupture Pelvic injury Spinal damage (nerves & muscles) Bone fractures Lacerations Road rash Dislocations Fatality due to impact or complication of injuries How can a pedestrian avoid being hit by a car? A pedestrian can be acting proactively to avoid being hit by a car, and still be struck due to driver recklessness. To help prevent a pedestrian accident, the following strategies can be used: Always obeying the walk signal at intersections, while being alert & aware of surrounding cars. Not jaywalking, and only crossing in designated or white outlined areas. Not being distracted by cell phone or headphones while crossing the street. Looking both ways and staying focused on crossing until reaching the opposite sidewalk. Not walking in designated bike lane areas. When walking at night, wearing brightly colored or reflective clothing. Not crossing in areas where there is heavy traffic, or where you must squeeze between cars. Is medical attention always necessary after being hit by a car? For the incredibly lucky ones, a mild bump by a car may not cause life-threatening injuries, but it is always possible the damage is just not felt...
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