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Premises Liability 

Personal Injury Lawyer Property owners and residents have a duty to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition so that others who enter the premises don’t become injured. This duty is referred to as “premises liability” and includes the duty to inspect the property and repair any dangerous conditions. Property owners and residents can be held liable under a premises liability theory for accidents and injuries that occur as a result of dangerous conditions on their property. One common example of an injury that might lead to premises liability is one resulting from a slip and fall accident. For instance, if a postman slips and falls in oil on a home’s driveway, he might sue the homeowner for his injuries.  Premises liability is governed by different laws in every state, so it is important to check your state’s laws if you are considering filing a premises liability lawsuit. Some states evaluate the status of the injured visitor to determine liability, while others evaluate the condition of the property and the actions of both the visitor and the property owner.  Status of the Injured Visitor Most states recognize at least three types of visitors: invitees, licensees, and trespassers. An invitee is someone who the owner has invited onto their property. A property owner owes the highest duty of care to invitees. The property owner has a duty to repair known dangers and reasonably inspect the property to discover and repair unknown dangers.  A licensee enters a property for their own purpose or convenience, but with the owner’s consent. In other words, the primary benefit when a licensee enters another’s property is to the licensee, not to the owner. Property owners owe a lower duty of care to licensees than they do invitees. The property owner must take reasonable steps to protect licensees from known dangers on the property but is not obligated to inspect for unknown dangers. A trespasser enters the property without the consent of the owner and without any right to do so. A property owner owes no duty to trespassers who enter their property, except that the property owner cannot deliberately injure trespassers. However, a property owner who knows that trespassers are likely to enter their property has a duty to give a reasonable warning to prevent injury to trespassers if the owner has created or maintained artificial conditions that they know are likely to cause...
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Brain Bleed Lawyer

Working after a TBI Traumatic brain injuries can turn your entire life upside down and affect your ability to go back to work after receiving a traumatic brain injury. In fact this is such a common occurrence that it is no secret that even the most minor TBI can have long-lasting effects.  Concussions are viewed to be less serious of all head injuries and oftentimes people just shake them off as omens that will go away and will not leave any long-term consequences behind, but this is not always true, and in fact because of the complexity of the brain a concussion can be devastating. Because the brain is such a complex organ in the human body, scientists do not have a full grasp on how everything in the brain works and how everything in the brain is affected by injuries. This means that a brain injury of any kind can have issues that have never been seen before by science. So when negligence is the root of the injury, it is very important that families consider legal options and reach out to a brain bleed law such as the ones available at Davis & Brusca LLC. Brain injury lawsuits are going to ensure that all of the other challenges that families are facing such as medical bills, medical debt, ongoing medical care, and 24 hour care, it’s going to be taken care of so that they can focus on taking care of the victim of someone else’s negligence. Money is often an issue for families that require any kind of long-term medical care, and this is especially true if the injured party is the person who was earning the money and they are now unable to work. If you need more insight into how a TBI can affect your life, read below. Far-Reaching TBI Consequences Come to think of it, millions of Americans are affected by TBI’s in one way or another and this is not an obscure injury. Even minor head injuries can leave you struggling to get back to work, no matter how minor your head injury is, you may still find yourself struggling to perform at the same level that you performed before the head injury and this can affect your work ability and your work evaluation. Individuals with head injuries of any kind may suffer the motions or even lose their job altogether because...
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