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Causes Of Commercial Vehicle Accidents 

An accident involving a commercial vehicle can result in multiple devastating injuries that can take a long time to recover from. If you have recently been in such an accident, you can rely on a quality lawyer like one to advocate your rights as a personal injury victim. Many accidents involving commercial victims are a result of driver negligence. You can boost your compensation by obtaining quality legal assistance from an accomplished and skilled personal injury lawyer. 

Driving at an Unsafe Speed

Failing to drive at a safe speed is a common cause of many types of commercial vehicle accidents. These accidents are too common, whether a driver is trying to switch lanes or speed past another vehicle. Commercial vehicles like buses or trucks are much more difficult to control than smaller vehicles. 

Fatigue or Poor Sleep 

Commercial vehicle companies often pressure their drivers to travel for longer periods, even if they are not in the best condition to drive. As a skilled commercial vehicle accident lawyer like can explain, tiredness and poor sleep quality are one of the most common factors in commercial vehicle accidents. For example, a trucking carrier is found to have encouraged their drivers to continue driving despite having a lack of sleep, they may also be held liable. 

Lack of Experience 

One of the most common causes of commercial vehicle accidents is inexperience. An example is when a carrier or employer may hire a driver despite them failing their driving test, and letting them operate a passenger van. Another example is when a truck driver causes an accident because they lack basic knowledge of operating a commercial truck. Talk to a lawyer to learn about your legal options. 

Aggressive Driving 

Road rage happens all too frequently. Drivers become impatient in a hurry to get to their destination. Unfortunately, aggressive driving often has deadly consequences. If you were in an accident that occurred because a commercial vehicle driver cuts you off or was driving aggressively, you might have a right to file a claim against them. Talk to a lawyer about your legal options to see what you can do. 

Mechanical Failure

Issues such as brake failures or blown tires are another common cause of commercial vehicle accidents that a lawyer often sees. If a commercial vehicle was not inspected properly or failed its inspection, but the driver or employer allowed it to get on the road anyway, they could be at fault.  

Affordable legal assistance is available if you have suffered one or more injuries in a commercial vehicle accident. For more information about how a lawyer can help you recover the compensation you are entitled to, do not wait to schedule a consultation with a highly skilled and trusted accident lawyer now, to discover your legal options. 

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