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Financial Resources for Your Spouse’s Brain Injury

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When your spouse suffers a brain injury, it can change your life forever. Medication, rehabilitation and full-time in-home care can cause financial issues that may skyrocket out of control in a matter of months. Finding resources to afford these services can be difficult; however, there may be a few avenues you can take to support your spouse’s care.

Review the Circumstances of the Injury 

Depending on the nature of your spouse’s injury, he or she may be eligible for financial restitution. For example, if the injury occurred at work, you can file a worker’s compensation case on your spouse’s behalf. You may have to gain power of attorney before you can do so, but this can be an effective step in gaining financial support.

Gather Information for Your Financial Needs 

Before you can find financial support for your spouse’s brain injury, it is important that you gather information related to your immediate needs. After the injury occurs, collect costs related to your spouse’s care, including:

  • Intensive care bills 
  • Medication 
  • Emergency transportation 

The more information you can document properly, the better the chance you can secure financial help. Remember to make copies of every document so you can refer to them later if you decide to talk to a lawyer or require them as proof of your expenses for a legal case.

Contact a Lawyer 

If you believe your spouse’s brain injury was caused by the negligence of another, contacting an attorney to help you build a case may result in a monetary award. Working with a lawyer can help you cut through the red tape that often occurs with worker’s compensation cases and injuries that are caused by others.

If you decide to allow a lawyer to represent you, he or she can gather important information that can support a worker’s compensation or personal injury case. However, you may want to act quickly, as although state statutes vary, you may only have one year to act.

Contact Your Insurance Company 

Your personal insurance may cover some or all of your spouse’s rehab, medication and other necessary expenses. Your doctor and other healthcare facilities might submit the cost directly to your insurance after treatment; however, it is wise to contact your representative to ensure these costs are being covered. Understanding which costs are covered can help you balance your medical budget and allow you to find other resources for expenses that are not covered by insurance.

When your spouse suffers a brain injury, the resulting financial burden can be overwhelming. Call a brain injury lawyer today for more information, advice and representation.

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