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How a Car Accident Knee Injury Can Affect Your Relationship

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 2.6 million people suffer injuries in car accidents every year. Severe injuries can negatively impact relationships. To get better as soon as possible, it’s critical to seek medical attention. Let’s take a closer look at how a knee injury can strain your relationship:

A Knee Injury May Force Responsibilities on Your Partner

Many people take their knees for granted until they get injured. If you have a serious injury, you may have to depend on your partner and others to help you with basic everyday tasks. For example, your knee injury could prevent you from driving for a while. This means you will have to ask someone to drive you to work and other important places. Because walking will probably be difficult, you might be able to do many tasks, like cleaning or laundry. Most people don’t mind helping their loved ones when they get hurt, but taking care of someone for a long time can wear someone down. Your partner and family members might spend so much time helping you that they can’t take care of their own needs.

How an Attorney Can Assist You

If you hire an experienced personal injury attorney, he or she can help you obtain compensation for your knee injury. If the other driver is found responsible for your knee injury, he or she may be ordered to pay your medical bills and other accident related costs. You may be eligible to have all of your bills paid and receive some type of restitution for what you and your partner have went through as a result of the accident. A settlement may help you and your partner mend your relationship and live a happy life.

Schedule a Consultation

If you wish to pursue compensation for your knee injury, you should set up a consultation with a personal injury attorney. He or she can examine the factors in your case and determine if you have a good shot of winning or not. A personal injury attorney may also help you gather important evidence, find witnesses and negotiate with insurance companies. Many personal injury attorneys offer free initial consultations, so there is no risk to talking to one. By setting up a meeting with a lawyer, you are one step closer to being compensated for your loss. Make sure to consult with an experienced medical professional to avoid knee replacement Rockville, MD.


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