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Purchasing Gear to Help Protect Yourself in a Motorcycle Accident

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The roadways all across the United States are filled with people who are zipping around, changing lanes, tailgating and driving without regard for others on the road. Sadly, motorcyclists often pay the price for such recklessness. In the event of a car vs motorcycle collision, the motorcyclist is likely to undergo the most excruciating injuries. Not only may a motorcyclist suffer physically, but financially as well. The costs associated with treating emergency injuries can be enough to put someone in deep financial crisis. Those who have faced financial hardship because of a motorcycle accident, may turn to a lawyer for help seeking compensation from the driver responsible.

What kind of gear should I buy to protect from serious injuries?

In the event of an accident, a motorcyclist will only have the gear on his or her back to help minimize the extent of injuries. If the gear is inflexible, it can make turns and quick movements to avoid danger much more challenging. Every motorcyclist may want to purchase long pants and sleeves, gloves with grip, eye protection, layers for colder weather, a safety approved helmet, and strong boots that cover the ankles. The less gear a motorcyclist has on if a crash were to unfold, the more painful and extensive the injuries can be.

How do motorcycle accidents happen the most?

In many cases, it is the car driver who was at-fault for hitting the motorcyclist. A driver may have been distracted, fatigued, on the phone, talking with a passenger or intoxicated which led to the crash happening. While it may be almost impossible to eliminate any chance of being part of a motorcycle accident, a rider can practice the following safety strategies to lessen his or her chances:

  • Never assume a driver sees you, and try to make eye contact before maneuvering whenever possible
  • Use visual directional control by keeping your head oriented a few seconds ahead of where you are turning, as a signal to drivers of where you are intending to go
  • Pump, do not slam, on both brakes to halt quickly in an emergency
  • Wear gear that is protective but does not restrict your mobility
  • Move over to the next lane when being tailgated by another vehicle
  • Slow down before riding through or turning at an intersection, to check that other vehicles are not speeding through a red light

I was hit while out riding my motorcycle, can I sue the driver?

If the car driver who was involved in the motorcycle accident was deemed at least mostly at-fault for the wreck, then you may be able to receive compensation for damages through filing a lawsuit with the assistance of a Woodland Hills motorcycle accident lawyer. Many motorcyclists who are recovering from injuries from the accident also endure financial distress and wage loss due to missing work. Here is a more complete list of the types of damages a motorcyclist may be awarded restitution for in a civil lawsuit:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic treatments
  • Emergency care costs
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Motorcycle repairs
  • Wage loss


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