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Things to Try Before Undergoing Knee Surgery

Knee pain can range from mild to debilitating. It can be caused by such a wide range of things that it is crucial to speak with an experienced knee pain doctor, like a doctor from Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania, as soon as you begin feeling pain. It is never too late to speak with a doctor, but the sooner you notice pain and try to treat it, the easier it will likely be to manage your pain. 

Try Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is always a good first resort for the onset of new pain. In most cases, physical therapy can only help with pain management and even promote healing. Even if you end up needing surgery, going to PT beforehand can make the healing process after surgery easier. You will also likely need to go to physical therapy after surgery anyway, so having a good understanding of how it works before you go for healing purposes will be beneficial as well. 

Change Your Diet and Exercise Habits

Weight is not always a factor in knee pain, but it certainly can be. If you are overweight and your doctor feels that the extra weight is putting unnecessary strain on your knees, you might try to lose a few pounds to see if that helps ease your pain at all. Taking supplements and eating an anti-inflammatory diet could also be beneficial in promoting healing in your knees.

You can also start to do gentle exercises that may help your knee pain. For example, if you build strength in the muscles around your knees, you will take some strain off of the joints. You may also do stretches that can ease pain in your knees. 

These things are not always easy to implement, but they can be life changing. Your knee pain doctor will be able to tell you what is worth trying and what may not work to manage your knee pain. Natural options can always be tried before going under the knife, but they do not guarantee avoiding surgery. 

Contact a Doctor at the Onsight of Pain

You need to reach out to an experienced knee pain doctor before doing anything regarding your knee pain. You do not want to try something that will make things worse, so you need to always be under the care of a professional who knows what he or she is doing and will be able to look out for your best interest the entire time. Your doctor may recommend trying some of the natural routes, but will also be able to recognize if surgery is your best option. 

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