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Understanding Child Support

Child support is a court ordered payment that is to be paid for by one parent to the other. The money is meant to be used to raise a child that belongs to both parents. Things like housing, food, clothing, medical care, and schooling should cover some of the child support payments. 

When a divorce or separation occurs, a judge may grant sole custody to a parent (the custodial parent) and visitation rights to the other parent (the non-custodial parent). The parent with visitation rights might also be required to pay child support. Child support is not the same as visitation and does not include this time with the child. Even when a parent does not want any contact with the child, a judge can order them to pay child support. The amount of money to be paid is decided by the judge after there is a review of each parents’ income and assets. It is always in a parent’s best interest to have a reputable child support lawyer on their side during any family law matter. 

How Child Support Payments Are Determined

All states have their own child support guidelines. Most have a formula that will help a judge to determine who will pay the support. There are strict standards as to how much money can be deducted from the paying parents’ income. Bear in mind the child support payments are not the same as alimony payments. Both types can be ordered by the court, and at the same time. 

Child Support May Change if Employment Changes

In the event that the paying parent loses their job or changes their employment, they are supposed to notify the court. It is possible for a judge to lower or raise the payments according to the paying parents’ situation. If you are paying child support and have recently become unemployed, you should call a child support lawyer as soon as possible for help. Payments are still required; however, a judge can review your situation and help you to avoid any issues regarding non-payment. 

Non-Paying Parents

To ensure a child is being cared for, there must be sufficient finances. In the event of the non-custodial parent not paying for child support, they could receive penalties from the family court. As a child support lawyer might tell you, the non-paying parent could have their wages garnished, they could lose their professional license, and their credit score might be affected. In some cases, a judge could order jail time. 

Do You Need a Child Support Lawyer?

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