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What to Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

When you put your family member in a nursing home, you expect him or her to be taken care of. Unfortunately, however, that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes nursing home residents even suffer abuse. Since few residents will admit that they’re suffering abuse, it’s important to be able to recognize the signs yourself. If you do believe that your loved one is being abused at a nursing home, you should take immediate action.

Speak With Your Family Member

If you suspect that your family member is being mistreated at a nursing home, the first thing you should do is talk to your loved one. Have the conversation in a private room and express your concerns. Let your family member know that you are concerned and want to help. Keep in mind that many nursing home residents are scared to speak up about abuse because they don’t want to worry their family members or they have been threatened.

Discuss the Matter with Nursing Home Management

While it may be uncomfortable at first, it’s a good idea to discuss your concerns with nursing home management. Tell them about the signs of abuse you’ve witnessed. What you may believe is abuse might not be. Therefore, you should be willing to hear the nursing home’s viewpoints. However, if they can’t explain the matter or seem aloof, you may have to take formal action.

Gather Evidence

In order to have a successful nursing home abuse claim, you must present sufficient evidence. As such, if you suspect abuse, try to gather as much evidence as you can. For example, if you observe that the nursing home facility is dirty or understaffed, write that down in your note. Likewise, if you see bruises on your family member, take photos of the injuries.

Report the Abuse to the Proper Authorities

The next step you should take is report the suspected abuse to a protective services for adults agency in your state. Tell them why you suspect abuse and present them with any evidence you may have.

Consult a Lawyer

If your loved one has suffered abuse in a nursing home, he or she deserves justice. It’s important to speak to a nursing home abuse lawyer Chicago, IL residents entrust to provide an exceptional level of legal representation and guidance, like one from Disparti Law Group, about the case as soon as possible. Your family may be entitled to compensation. A lawyer can investigate the case and let you know the next steps to take.

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