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When to Call an Attorney for Slip and Fall Accidents

It is important to contact an experienced attorney if you were injured on the property of another. Working with someone who can navigate through the legal system alongside of you is important, as there are several possible directions a case can lead you. An attorney with experience can ensure that you are prepared for anything that may arise along the way, especially if your claim goes to court.


Will My Case See the Courtroom?

It is important to note that depending on case specifics, the outcome of cases can vary, meaning it’s possible that your claim could be settled out of court. Despite this, in most cases, slip and fall claims often see the courtroom. Hiring an attorney if you decide to file a claim will help to prepare you when the time comes to appear in court.


Good Faith Negotiations

It is more common for slip and fall cases to go to litigation because of the type of negotiations that can occur when you are on another person’s property. In some situations, it could be your word against the defendants in terms of whether or not you were warned of the danger on their property.


Proving Negligence

When it comes to more clear cut cases such as motor vehicle crashes, determining who is at fault can be much more obvious. In some cases, property owner’s will not want to take responsibility for the accident because there is not always clear evidence to back up the claim. This may require that you go through a court process in order to receive the compensation that you are entitled to.


Will an Attorney Refuse my Case?

In some situations, an attorney may not feel confident with litigating in the courtroom. This is largely in part to an attorney not wanting to risk having a win by seeing the case to litigation. It is important to note that settlements are not guaranteed in slip and fall accidents. Hiring an attorney who can help you be prepared for the courtroom and provide you with a solid defense will be important for a positive outcome.

Being the victim of a slip and fall accident will likely be  a challenging experience. Your daily life may be impacted in ways you couldn’t have even imagined. It can be stressful to have to contend with medical bills piling up along with the physical injury that you may be recuperating from. Legal representation may be one of the most important and smartest next steps you can take. Although you may never see your case go to trial, an attorney can negotiate with insurance companies and prepare you in the event that your case does not settle out of court. Work with an experienced attorney such as the personal injury lawyer Minneapolis MN locals turn to. Most slip and fall attorneys offer the initial consultation for free, meeting with them to go over the details of your case is really at no risk to you.  


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