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Who Can I Sue if I am in a Truck Accident?

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If you were fortunate enough to survive a crash with a truck where the driver was negligent, the next step is to figure out who is going to reimburse you for all the expenses and damages that you incurred as a result of the accident.

Because of the complexities involved in settling a case concerning a truck accident, it is advisable to consult with a truck accident lawyer Houston, TX relies on with experience in handling truck accidents. The main issue to be addressed is who is liable for compensating you for your injuries and other damages — the truck driver, the company who owns the truck, or any truck part manufacturers.

What kind of damages can you expect from a truck accident settlement?

Injuries following a truck accident can be very serious and as a result, victims can accumulate huge medical expenses, both short term, and long term. These expenses include:

  • emergency room cost
  • hospital stays
  • Inpatient
  • outpatient rehabilitation
  • lost wages
  • potential future lost wages
  • long-term care
  • Property damage to your vehicle, including repairing or replacing
  • Necessary medical equipment, such as wheelchairs
  • Any modifications made to the home necessary to accommodate disabilities
  • Pain and suffering damages

It is not always necessary to go to court to recover damages; however, if there are several defendants involved, it may be necessary in order to receive the compensation you deserve.

A truck accident attorney possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to create a strong case for you and help you recover the damages entitled to you as a victim of a major accident.

Your lawyer will:

  • Conduct a full investigation of their own of the accident by reading police reports, interviewing witnesses, visiting the site where the crash occurred and working with reconstruction experts to develop a good understanding of why and how the accident occurred. Other research includes collecting the following information:
    • Driver logs that show rest stops
    • Data from the onboard computer of the truck
    • Personnel and medical records of the truck driver
    • Results from alcohol and drug tests administered to the truck driver after the accident
    • Maintenance records from the truck
    • Video from the truck’s dash cam
    • Photos and documentation regarding the truck’s damage
    • Damage to the car or cars involved in the accident
    • Copies of medical reports and records of all the injured parties
  • As a result of researching the accident, your attorney should be able to develop a strong case proving negligence on the part of the driver or the company they work for.
  • File a claim on your behalf with the insurance carrier for the trucking company.
  • Work with the trucking company to negotiate a fair settlement.
  • It is uncommon for trucking accidents to go to court as they are usually amenable to negotiating a settlement. One reason for that is because state and federal regulations require the trucking companies to hold large dollar insurance policies and settlements are paid from that. If, however, a settlement cannot be agreed upon, your attorney will represent you throughout the legal process, working on your behalf to get fair compensation for your injuries.



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