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What Car Accident Victims Must Know About Doctor’s Orders, Social Media and Evidence

Personal Injury Attorney The prevalence of car accidents is incredibly high, where about every 15 minutes a person passes away due to a vehicle collision. Those that survive the impact may have questions about what they can do to handle the incident properly and with their best interests in mind. Victims of car accidents may consult with a personal injury attorney Longwood, FL trusts who is knowledgeable in car accident cases, as a way to understand what happens next and have support along the way. During this time, it is important that victims are aware of their social media use, abide by doctor’s orders, and gather influential evidence. Q: How important is it that I abide by my doctor’s orders? A: It is highly recommended that victims of car accidents strictly follow their doctor’s orders. Do not miss an appointment, take your prescriptions as instructed, do any required at-home exercises or stretches, and notify your doctor if something gets worse. By not going to the doctor for your injuries after the accident, it may be interpreted by insurance agents and adjusters that you weren’t seriously hurt after all. Do your best to show you doing what is necessary to get better, and that you aren’t getting in the way of your own healing. Q: What kind of evidence is most influential to my lawsuit? Let’s say that you are the victim of a car accident and suffered substantial financial loss and damages, and the other driver was at-fault for the crash. You may be entitled to receiving financial compensation through filing a civil lawsuit against this driver. The strength of your case and chances of winning can greatly depend on your ability to bring forward reliable evidence. Perhaps the most influential proof for your lawsuit would be things like pictures of the accident, vehicle repair estimates, driver’s information, out-of-pocket medical expenses, police report, and witness testimonies. In general, the more evidence you have, the better you can showcase your side of the story. If you consult with a lawyer, he or she can advise you on what is most helpful to your case, depending how the accident unfolded. Q: Do I need to be wary of how I’m using my social media during this time? A: You may be surprised to find out that both insurance adjusters and defense attorneys may attempt to investigate your social media pages (including...
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