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Don’t Let Car Accident Injuries Ruin Your Life

Car Accident Lawyer Car accidents are among the leading causes of serious injury across the nation. Millions of motor vehicle accidents happen each year, and many are fatal. Those who are able to walk away from the scene of the accident are lucky, despite still probably enduring some terrible injuries. Even those who feel okay in the moments after have likely sustained some degree of injury. And let’s face it, being in a car accident not only ruins your day, but it can ruin your life, health, and pocketbook too.  Injuries from a car accident can take a toll on a person, along with the stress of dealing with medical bills, insurance, work, family needs, etc. Maybe your injuries were severe enough to necessitate emergency medical care. Then, you may need a period of rest and healing after that. All that time you could have been earning money and going about your life, but that got ruined because another person chose to drive unsafely.  It is within a person’s rights to seek financial compensation after a car accident if another was at-fault. While financial damages cannot take back an accident, it can help victims obtain a sense of justice and ensure they have the funds needed to recover. Unfortunately, many victims don’t realize their options in pursuing monetary compensation. And, they may accept a settlement offer from an insurance company that doesn’t fully cover their losses. As our Car Accident Lawyer associates from Therman Law Offices, LTD can attest, unless a victim has someone to watch out for their best interests in the aftermath of a collision, they are likely to suffer both in the short and long...
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What You Shouldn’t Believe About Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Many people who place their family members in nursing homes never imagine for them to suffer abuse. Unfortunately, however, it can happen. Nursing home abuse is still widely misunderstood, and that may be why some don’t pursue legal claims against nursing homes. Here are some misconceptions about nursing home abuse that you shouldn’t believe. Nursing Home Abuse Occurs Because Caregivers Are Overworked While many nursing home staff members work long hours and experience stress, that’s still no excuse to mistreat residents. Even if staff members are stressed, they should still do their best to provide excellent care to residents. Nursing homes should staff properly to prevent their staff members from experiencing burnout. Nursing Home Abuse Is Often Violent Some nursing home residents may suffer physical abuse, such as punching, kicking and slapping. However, abuse can take many other forms that are not always violent. For example, if there’s an understaffing issue or caregivers have not been properly trained, residents may suffer neglect. Some staff members may emotionally abuse residents by intimidating them or calling them hurtful names. Every form of nursing home abuse is harmful and shouldn’t be tolerated. Physical Abuse Is Always Obvious This is not necessarily true. While bruises and cuts may be obvious, other physical injuries may be invisible. For example, if a staff member violently twists a resident’s arm, there may not be a mark. Additionally, some people may assume bruises are caused by age-related problems, such as a higher risk of falls. That is why it is important to notice other signs of possible abuse. If your family member seems emotionally withdrawn and more sad than usual, it is possible that he or she is being mistreated. Nursing Home Residents Report Abuse Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Oftentimes, nursing home residents are too ashamed to report abuse and just keep quiet. They may even receive threats from their abuse, so they are afraid to speak up. Abuse Only Happens in Nursing Homes While elder abuse frequently occurs in nursing homes, it can also take place in other types of settings. Elderly people may suffer abuse in adult living facilities, senior living communities and even in their own home. If you believe your family member is being mistreated in a nursing home, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer, like one from Disparti Law...
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