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What kind of damages can you expect from a truck accident settlement?

If you were fortunate enough to survive a crash with a truck where the driver was negligent, the next step is to figure out who is going to reimburse you for all the expenses and damages that you incurred as a result of the accident. Because of the complexities involved in settling a case concerning a truck accident, it is advisable to consult with a truck accident lawyer with experience in handling truck accidents. The main issue to be addressed is who is liable for compensating you for your injuries and other damages — the truck driver, the company who owns the truck, or any truck part manufacturers. What kind of damages can you expect from a truck accident settlement? Injuries following a truck accident can be very serious and as a result, victims can accumulate huge medical expenses, both short term, and long term. These expenses include: emergency room costhospital staysInpatientoutpatient rehabilitationlost wagespotential future lost wageslong-term careProperty damage to your vehicle, including repairing or replacingNecessary medical equipment, such as wheelchairsAny modifications made to the home necessary to accommodate disabilitiesPain and suffering damages It is not always necessary to go to court to recover damages; however, if there are several defendants involved, it may be necessary in order to receive the compensation you deserve. A truck accident attorney possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to create a strong case for you and help you recover the damages entitled to you as a victim of a major accident. Your lawyer will: Conduct a full investigation of their own of the accident by reading police reports, interviewing witnesses, visiting the site where the crash occurred and working with reconstruction experts to develop a good understanding of why and how the accident occurred. Other research includes collecting the following information:Driver logs that show rest stopsData from the onboard computer of the truckPersonnel and medical records of the truck driverResults from alcohol and drug tests administered to the truck driver after the accidentMaintenance records from the truckVideo from the truck’s dash camPhotos and documentation regarding the truck’s damageDamage to the car or cars involved in the accidentCopies of medical reports and records of all the injured partiesAs a result of researching the accident, your attorney should be able to develop a strong case proving negligence on the part of the driver or the company they work for.File a claim on your behalf with the...
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Purchasing Gear to Help Protect Yourself in a Motorcycle Accident

Experienced Attorney The roadways all across the United States are filled with people who are zipping around, changing lanes, tailgating and driving without regard for others on the road. Sadly, motorcyclists often pay the price for such recklessness. In the event of a car vs motorcycle collision, the motorcyclist is likely to undergo the most excruciating injuries. Not only may a motorcyclist suffer physically, but financially as well. The costs associated with treating emergency injuries can be enough to put someone in deep financial crisis. Those who have faced financial hardship because of a motorcycle accident, may turn to a lawyer for help seeking compensation from the driver responsible. What kind of gear should I buy to protect from serious injuries? In the event of an accident, a motorcyclist will only have the gear on his or her back to help minimize the extent of injuries. If the gear is inflexible, it can make turns and quick movements to avoid danger much more challenging. Every motorcyclist may want to purchase long pants and sleeves, gloves with grip, eye protection, layers for colder weather, a safety approved helmet, and strong boots that cover the ankles. The less gear a motorcyclist has on if a crash were to unfold, the more painful and extensive the injuries can be. How do motorcycle accidents happen the most? In many cases, it is the car driver who was at-fault for hitting the motorcyclist. A driver may have been distracted, fatigued, on the phone, talking with a passenger or intoxicated which led to the crash happening. While it may be almost impossible to eliminate any chance of being part of a motorcycle accident, a rider can practice the following safety strategies to lessen his or her chances: Never assume a driver sees you, and try to make eye contact before maneuvering whenever possible Use visual directional control by keeping your head oriented a few seconds ahead of where you are turning, as a signal to drivers of where you are intending to go Pump, do not slam, on both brakes to halt quickly in an emergency Wear gear that is protective but does not restrict your mobility Move over to the next lane when being tailgated by another vehicle Slow down before riding through or turning at an intersection, to check that other vehicles are not speeding through a red light I was hit while...
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Child Custody During Divorce

Experienced Attorney Any parent who is separating from their spouse and having to fight for child custody, may be under an immense amount of pressure and distress. When it comes to discussions regarding which parent is to take on custody, conflicts can become heated very quickly. Some parents may try to attend mediation sessions as a way to hopefully arrive at an agreement over child custody which they both agree on. When this is not possible, then the parents may have to attend a court hearing to have a judge decide for them instead. Here are some ways to help get yourself prepared for a court hearing that involves fighting for custody of your children: Meet with an Attorney It can help to meet with a legal professional who has helped clients just like you try to obtain custody of their children during the divorce process. A child custody lawyer trusts can offer words of advice on which angles and evidence to bring forward, that helps prove you are the more suitable parent over your former spouse. An attorney can also go over with you your rights as a parent and the laws surrounding child custody, including visitation, the various levels of custody, and home inspections. Remain Respectful and Calm in Court Going into a court hearing ready to verbally attack your former spouse is surely not going to be how you obtain custody of your children. A judge is likely to frown upon a parent who appears emotionally unstable and spiteful. The judge understands how emotional such a topic can be, but may not feel comfortable awarding sole custody to a parent that cannot keep themselves under control. Focus on facts and why you are the best fit to parent, instead of reacting with anger. Show Up Well-Dressed A parent that walks into a child custody battle with casual clothes and an unkempt appearance, may be sending the message that they are not taking the hearing seriously. It may be in your best interest to dress the part, prepare beforehand, organize paperwork and get legal representation if necessary. Do what you can to look presentable, so you also feel more confident walking into such an emotionally-charged dispute. Be Open-Minded to Feedback Do not be surprised if the judge suggests you make certain changes before being awarded custody. The judge may feel you are the most suitable parent, but wants...
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California Woman Dies After Dog Bite

Experienced Attorney A 74-year-old woman died after being bitten in the face by a dog, according to the Siskiyou Daily News. Teena Mawhorter was attacked by a dog owned by one of her family members at her home in the city of Mount Shasta, California. According to Jon Lopey, the sheriff of Siskiyou County, Mawhorter died on the same day of the attack due to the severe blunt facial trauma she endured at the Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta, with her hypertensive heart disease also listed as a contributing factor. According to county officials, the dog who attacked the elderly woman was a collie terrier and pit bull mix that belonged to the victim’s daughter. The animal has since been euthanized by Animal Control of Siskiyou County because of the deadly attack. Kim Latos, shelter manager of the local Humane Society, said that although the dog has been labeled as a pit bull mix, it’s not possible to identify a dog’s true breed without using a DNA test to confirm it. As with humans, Latos noted, you can’t “judge a book by its cover.” She also added that in her more than three decades in the industry, she has seen several dog breeds behave aggressively, including cattle dogs, chihuahuas and golden retrievers. When she was shown photos of the dog that attacked Mawhorter, she reiterated that it is not possible for her to positively identity its breed based on its appearance alone. DogBite.org, an organization that works on behalf of dog bite victims and aims to reduce serious dog attacks in the US, reports that dog bites were the culprit behind the deaths of more than 400 people between 2005 and 2017. According to the organization, pit bulls were responsible for around 66 percent of all those deaths, with rottweilers coming in second at 10 percent. According to Dog Bite.org, shelters are unable to verify whether a dog is actually aggressive before the animal is offered for adoption because there is no foolproof way to test a dog for vicious behavior. According to police reports, the local county sheriff’s office responded to a call from Mawhorter’s home at around 10:45 in the morning. It was reported that an elderly woman and another person had been bitten by a dog, with the elderly woman suffering a severe bite and requiring immediate medical help. Both of the dog bite victims received...
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