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FAQ: Motorcycle Accidents Hurt

Motorcyclists are often on the receiving end of a car driver’s negligent, distracted or even outright reckless behavior. Car drivers do not always keep an eye out for motorcyclists that may be on the road. A driver may be daydreaming, playing with the radio, on their phone or using excessive speed. Simply being on a motorcycle can put the rider at an increased risk for serious injury or a fatality. It is estimated that a motorcyclist is twenty-seven more times likely to die in an accident than a vehicle driver. While this is a very sad fact, it is something a rider must be aware of before getting out onto the road. The best way a rider can help protect themselves from being hit by a car include practicing safety strategies and prevention. In the article to follow, we have listed ways a rider can help lessen their chances of being injured due to a car driver’s unsafe maneuvers. Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA to learn more about motorcyclist accidents. How can a motorcyclist prevent from being rear-ended? When a motorcyclist stops at a red light, they can halt more-so off to the side of the lane to help keep from being rear-ended. They can also use their mirrors to see if a driver is following behind too closely. If there is not a safe amount of space between an oncoming car and the motorcyclist, the rider should merge into another lane to let the car pass. A rider cannot control how quickly or close a car driver decides to be behind them. However, they can be alert at all times in order to swiftly get out of an unsafe situation if it were to arise. What are the common injuries for a motorcyclist? While wearing protective gear like helmets, long-sleeved clothing, jackets and boots can help lessen the impact of an accident, a rider may still be severely injured. The most common injuries a rider may suffer from include: Pelvic & urological injuries Crushed limbs or extremities Spinal cord damage Emotional trauma Back, neck & shoulder injuries Shoulder dislocation Road rash Cuts or lacerations Fractured skull Muscle & ligament tears Internal bleeding It is ever okay to assume a car sees a motorcyclist? Never assume a car driver has seen you while riding a motorcycle. It can be difficult for a car driver to see...
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Most Common Causes of Injuries in Offices

When most people think about dangerous places to work, they imagine construction sites or factories. What many people don’t realize is that office workers can also endure injuries if they aren’t careful. Some of these injuries are serious and can land workers in the hospital. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common causes injuries in offices:   Falls   Falls are to blame for a large amount of injuries suffered at offices. There are many hazards in an office that can increase the risk of falls, including loose carpeting, liquid spills, inadequate lighting and objects in hallways. Luckily, you can take steps to lower your risk of suffering a fall in the office. Always look before you walk in hallways, clean up spills immediately and report loose carpeting or electrical cords to your manager.   Lifting   While officer workers don’t have to do the kind of heavy lifting factory workers do, there may be times when they have to pick up boxes. If you are ever in the situation where you have to pick up a box, bend at your knees and keep your back straight while you do it. If you think a box is too heavy for you to pick up, don’t be afraid to ask for help.   Falling Objects   Office workers can also suffer injuries from falling objects from the top of cupboards. If these items have been piled too high, they are more likely to fall down and hit workers in the head. To prevent these injuries, it’s important to avoid storing objects on top of cabinets always put heavy items on the lowest shelves.   Improper Work Stations   Believe it or not, officer workers can also suffer injuries from improper work stations. For example, if an employee sits in a poorly designed chair, he or she may develop back or neck pain. Employees who type for hours every day are in danger of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. To minimize your risk of these types of injuries, ask your boss about getting an ergonomic office chair, take frequent breaks and change positions regularly.   Staring At Computer Screen   Many office workers have to sit in front of computers for several hours each day. Unfortunately, this can increase the risk of eye strain, blurry vision and eye irritation. Try to look away from your computer screen several...
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When an Uber Driver Daydreams or Becomes Distracted

The driving service of an Uber has increased in popularity over recent years. Many people choose to take an Uber ride when their car is in the shop, they need a quick transport from the office to a meeting, or after a night out of having a great time with friends. Calling for an Uber ride has become viewed as a safe backup plan. Unfortunately, an Uber driver is just as likely as any other person to become bored, daydream or even distracted while behind the wheel. As a rider, it is important to be aware of this potential risky behavior and leave the vehicle if your driver is operating the car unsafely. In this article, we have provided information about Uber rides in a question and answer format.   How should a person respond if their Uber driver is involved in an accident? You should respond in the same way as if you were part of any other car accident. Consider taking the following steps if you ever find yourself in such a situation: Call 9-1-1 so the incident can be documented and handled by police. Ask the officer to include you in the incident report, by taking down your statement of what happened. Exchange information with the Uber driver, including name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, insurance company, license plate number and vehicle type. Get medical attention if you have suffered injuries due to the impact. Do not hesitate to request an ambulance if there are immediate aches, pains, soreness, disorientation or any other symptoms. Contact your insurance company to report the Uber accident and that you were injured. Consult with a car accident lawyer Lakeland, FL residents trust about your legal options, particularly if your injuries extend past what first aid kits can provide. Why do Uber accidents happen? Just like any other driver, an Uber driver may daydream, be distracted by the radio or on their cell phone. An Uber driver must uphold their duty of getting their customer to and from a destination as safely as possible. Despite this being a business transaction, an Uber driver may become too comfortable and think he or she can get away with texting or making a phone call. If your driver is not operating the vehicle safely, you can ask to stop sooner and get out promptly. Do not risk your health and safety when it...
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