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Car Accident Injuries While Pregnant

Car Accident Injuries While Pregnant What Should I Do if I’m Injured in a Car Accident While Pregnant? Pregnancy is a tumultuous time in a woman’s life, full of joy but also fraught with anxiety about things that could go wrong. Pregnant women worry about whether it is safe for them to travel and what to do if they are involved in a car crash. The good news is that many fetuses do survive minor collisions; however, there are some precautions you should take immediately after every car accident, no matter how minor. Don’t Underestimate the Risks Some pregnant women walk away from car wrecks with no injuries to themselves or their unborn children; however, others are not so fortunate. Forty to fifty percent of pregnant women involved in life-threatening accidents lose their babies, as do 1-5% of those in minor fender-benders. Causes of fetal death in both cases include the following: Placental abruptionSpontaneous abortionUterine or membrane ruptureStillbirth Seek Medical Attention Even if you think you survived an accident without a scratch, you should still receive medical care immediately because you may have injuries you are not aware of. Pregnancy causes changes all over a woman’s body, making her susceptible to the following injuries: Leg and foot fracturesBladder damagePelvic fractures and bleedingPlacental or fetal injury If your obstetrician or midwife is not available for an appointment on the same day, then go to an emergency room. You will most likely receive an overall physical exam along with treatment for any injuries. A doctor may also recommend an ultrasound to check on your baby. Call a Lawyer Once you have taken care of yourself and your baby, the next thing to do is call a lawyer. A lawyer can inform you of your legal rights and also advise you about what to do once insurance adjusters start calling and asking detailed questions about the accident. These phone conversations can be quite intimidating, and the insurance representatives may use any information you divulge against you. You don’t want to spend the remainder of your pregnancy worried every time the phone rings. Stress is harmful to you and your baby, so don’t dwell on the possibility of car crashes while you are pregnant. Simply have a plan in place to call first your doctor and then your lawyer if an accident does occur. If you have never used a car accident lawyer...
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