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Recover Your Damages From A Dog Attack

Personal Injury Lawyer Some dog bite attacks are of little concern, but others are much more serious and require the legal assistance of a dog bite lawyer to recover one’s damages. Without a settlement, the victim and their family may not be able to afford proper medical care. If the victim suffers from emotional damages such as post-traumatic stress disorder or severe depression, they may require years of counseling. Even if the victim has insurance, filing a claim with their own carrier could raise their premiums. If a dog’s owner was negligent in allowing their dog the opportunity to attack someone, they should be held liable for the victim’s costs associated with their injuries. If you or your child was injured in this way, our dog bite lawyer can help you get the justice you deserve. Call a lawyer today to speak with a seasoned dog bite lawyer who has protected the best interests residents. Typical Damages from a Dog Bite Attack Dog attacks can be so severe that the victim suffers one or more fatal injuries as a result. Most often these victims are children. It is believed that children may be a common target of dogs because of children’s typical high energy level. Because the height of their head and neck are similar to the height of a dog’s jaws, those areas of the body are most often where the dog bite injuries are located. Head and neck injuries are often more serious than injuries in other areas of the body due to the location of vital organs and major arteries. Even adult victims are susceptible to head and neck injuries if the dog is able to knock them down. Regardless of the nature of your or your child’s injuries, our dog bite lawyer can represent you in seeking compensation for your damages. These are some of the most common damages associated with dog bite attacks:         Deep lacerations.         Permanent scarring.         Deep puncture marks.         Serious or fatal infections of injury areas.         Loss of a limb either during the attack or later if the limb cannot be saved.         Loss of one or both eyes, the nose, lips, cheeks or areas of the skull.         Broken or fractured bones. Personal Injury Claim A dog bite lawyer seeks compensation for injury clients by filing a personal claim with the at-fault party or their insurance carrier. The claim is a detailed and well-documented...
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Can I Be Arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Drugs?

DUI Attorney Operating a motor vehicle comes with a great deal of responsibility. For starters, you need to follow local traffic laws and make sure you drive with a clear and level head. If a police officer pulls you over on suspicion of driving under the influence, and you haven’t had a sip of alcohol, there may be another culprit: drugs. Whether you take a prescription, something over the counter or dabble in the illegal kind, drugs can affect your ability to perform basic tasks including driving. Even though there may not be a breathalyzer test for drugs, a police officer can arrest you for it. Here is some insight into how driving under the influence of a drug can land you in jail. Drug Recognition Experts Over 40 states have police officers known as Drug Recognition Experts (DREs) who use unique training to detect whether someone is under the influence of a drug. Some of the cues they look for include: Behavior – physical and verbal Eye movement Mouth movement Vital signs The examination by a DRE is typically done after arrest in the precinct or jail. It can take up to an hour and may lead to a warrant for urinalysis or blood work to confirm the suspicion. Illegal Drugs or Legal Drugs When you are impaired by drugs, the kind only matters in terms of additional charges. If you do not take illegal drugs, for example, but you do take a prescription like Ambien, you can still get arrested, but you won’t get possession charges (unless you have the pills with you in something other than the prescription bottle). In terms of driving while impaired, it doesn’t make any difference to a police officer whether the drug is a prescription or illegal. The result is still you are not able to safely operate a motor vehicle due to diminished capacity. Prosecution of Driving Under the Influence of Drugs It is generally more challenging to prosecute a DUI when it relates to drug use versus one caused by alcohol. That is due mostly to the lack of immediate testing and sensory cues that lead officers to make arrests in alcohol-related stops. If the impairment is enough to cause physical impairment, officers may put you through field sobriety testing just as they do for those they believe to be impaired by alcohol. However, there are still some states...
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