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Why Vehicle Collisions Occur

Being in a car wreck is not only stressful, but painful, and can result in significant financial and property loss. In the aftermath of a car accident, the victim’s stress can be compounded by having to deal with insurance companies, medical treatment, missing out on work, and other ways their life has been impacted. Some accidents are avoidable, and at least one reckless driver is usually at-fault. Here are some of the most common reasons why vehicle collisions occur: Distracted Driving Distracted driving is a leading cause of car accidents. If a driver does not have their full attention on the road, it may be because of a phone they are using, a meal in their lap, or a passenger who is talking to them. People often forget that their only job when behind the wheel is to focus on where they are going. Experienced drivers may think they can multitask, but it’s best to avoid this mindset no matter how many years you have been driving. Drunk Driving Those who drink and get into the driver’s seat of a vehicle are a risk to themselves and other people. When someone has alcohol in their system, their cognitive functions and senses become dulled, reaction times are slower, and decision making abilities get compromised. Drunk driving is against the law, and the repercussions of being arrested for it are steep. Find a sober person to take you home, or a safer way to get where you need to be if you choose to have a drink.  Speeding There are speed limits for a reason, and those who drive at excessive speed are seriously putting the lives of others in danger. Speeding makes it more difficult to slow down or stop when needed, and if a crash does occur, it’s likely to cause more damage if speeding was a factor. As a car accident attorney victims trust from Glotzer & Leib, LLP can attest, the faster someone drives, the less opportunity they have to suddenly maneuver out of the way to avoid an accident. Reckless Driving Tailgating, weaving between traffic, and cutting other drivers off are examples of reckless driving. Each of these behaviors can cause a serious accident. If you notice someone near you is driving like this, give them space and move out of the way safely. Reckless drivers are not concerned about the wellbeing of others, and often...
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Five Points to Remember About Forceps Deliveries

Childbirth is a magical time, but it’s an extremely delicate moment for you and your child. When you’re in the delivery room, you need to be sure that you’re in good hands – otherwise, either you, your baby, or both of you may experience mistreatment and injury. As a medical malpractice lawyer like our friends at Hall-Justice can explain, it’s important to remember that you can take legal action against negligent hospital staff if you or your infant were harmed during delivery. Read on to learn more about how a medical malpractice lawyer can help you get the justice you deserve, and see how medical malpractice can affect childbirth. Most delivery rooms are safe and effective. Before immediately assuming all medical professionals are negligent or incompetent, you should remember that most medical staff is very well-trained and prepared for a variety of issues and complications that may present themselves during childbirth. Incompetent medical professionals are an unfortunate minority, and chances are you’ll be very well looked-after when you give birth. It’s common for babies to need a little help. If your child needed a little help when it was time to give birth, it doesn’t necessarily mean your medical care providers were doing something wrong. In fact, it’s very common for babies to need a helping hand for a variety of reasons, and sometimes medical professionals need to use a wide variety of tools to deliver your child. Forceps shouldn’t cause injury. When it comes to assisting with the delivery of your child, one of the most common tools used by medical professionals is a humble pair of forceps. Forceps look somewhat like a large, plastic pair of salad tongs. If your child has trouble exiting the birth canal, forceps are used to gently pull on your child’s head in time with your contractions. It sounds low-tech, but the fact that they’ve been used for hundreds of years speaks measures for their effectiveness. Just because forceps are simple, doesn’t mean anyone can use them. Although forceps are very effective, in untrained or unqualified hands they may cause injury. Improper use of forceps can result in scratches and bruises, but in serious cases a child may experience eye injury, skull fractures, and seizures. Any injury to your child is inexcusable, especially at the hands of medical professionals. Fortunately, a medical malpractice lawyer can help you get justice for your child...
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Legal Options For Injured Workers

Workers who sustain a work-related injury or illness usually qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits cover the cost of all medical treatment for the injury or illness, as well as a percentage of the wages the worker would normally be earning. These benefits are usually received no matter who was at fault because of the injury. There are some exceptions to that rule, such as if the worker intentionally injured themselves or if they were under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. In order to receive benefits, the injured worker must be an employee of the employer, the employer must carry workers’ compensation insurance, and the injury or illness must be work-related. Below are more details from a workers’ compensation lawyer for these qualifications. The Injured Worker Must Be an Employee Unfortunately, not all injured workers will qualify for workers’ compensation. Workers who are classified as independent contractors do not qualify, so anyone who is working as a consultant or freelancer could not file a claim if they are injured. Volunteers are also not considered employees so they also cannot file a workers’ compensation claim if they are injured. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as volunteer firefighters. Interns are also able to file for workers’ compensation even if they are not being paid. This is because their schedule and duties are directly controlled by the employer. The Employer Must Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance Each state sets the rules for how the workers’ compensation system will work and what the requirements of employers are. The majority of all employers will likely be required to carry the insurance in each state, but there are exceptions. The requirements depend on the type of business it is and the number of employees it has. The number of employees can vary from one employee to ten employees. There may be different requirements for the type of company it is. For example, a state may require a construction company to have workers’ compensation insurance even with one employee because of the type of work that is being performed. Some states may waive the requirement for other types of business, such as charities. Smart business owners make the decision to purchase the insurance even if they are not required to by the state. Some companies purchase private insurance, while other companies are self-insured. The Injury or Illness Is Work-Related If a worker...
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The Top Reasons Why Car Accidents Happen

Car Accident Lawyer Cars have come a long way, and recent features like backup cameras, forward collision systems, adaptive headlights, and more all work wonders in preventing or minimizing car accidents. Unfortunately, car accidents still happen more than we would like, and even a minor crash can cause severe damage to a vehicle and the people inside. Besides injuring a driver or passenger, a car accident can also negatively impact their mental health. We’ll explore some of the top reasons why car accidents still happen.  Distracted Driving  Many people believe they excel at multitasking. However, switching your brain’s attention between tasks limits your overall concentration on a single task. For example, while texting a friend while watching Netflix and answering some work emails might be doable when you’re driving, your only objective should be to drive—whether on a busy city street or cruising down the highway. Adding additional tasks like eating and drinking, texting, grooming, reading, etc., can all impact your ability to drive and respond.  Driving While Under the Influence  Driving while drinking or doing drugs also severely impacts your ability to drive. When we think of drunk driving, we tend to think of drivers who have consumed enormous amounts and can barely stand before getting into their car. While this happens and creates disastrous results, even someone who has had one too many drinks at the bar can have their driving impaired. Therefore, it’s best to give yourself the necessary time or arrange a different way to get home.  Running a Stop Sign or Red Light Many car accidents happen from running a red light or a stop sign at an intersection. So while saving a couple of minutes is tempting, you should always wait until it’s your time to go, even if the street appears empty.  Reckless Driving  Just about everyone has violated a traffic law at one point in their lifetimes. For example, maybe they sped too much on their way to work or didn’t realize what the speed limit was, somehow didn’t spot a red light or stop sign, forgot to put on their turn signal, or drove around with expired license plates until they had the chance to get them changed, etc. However, intentionally breaking traffic laws that put other drivers or property at risk is known as reckless driving—speeding excessively, changing lanes too quickly, cutting off drivers, etc. Violating several traffic laws...
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Why Did They Charge Me With Possession Of A Firearm By Felon?

Our top rated firearm by felon lawyers are confronted with this question all of the time, why did they charge me? According to our friends at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, Attorneys at Law, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is nothing to play with as there could be ramifications on the state as well as the federal side. Why did they charge me with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon? Our top rated firearm lawyers often find that the reason people are charged for firearm by felon is not always because they have the best case in the world. Typically, this charge is to get someone off of the street and to put them into custody so they can seize yet another gun. Local police precincts keep track of the number of firearm arrests as well as the number of guns seized. This data is important, but let’s think about this logically, if they keep track of these numbers, do police know this information and are they making arrests to keep the numbers up? Firearm by felon charges, what’s involved? It’s important to note that it’s not ownership of a firearm by a felon, but rather, there’s a charge for being in possession of a firearm by felon. Let’s say a friend of yours left their gun in your car. The gun is not your gun and it’s on the passenger floorboard. Police stop your car due to a tail light being out and then the officer sees the gun on the floorboard. At that point you’re the only person in the car, and the officer charges you with possession of a firearm by felon. We know, it’s not your gun, but remember, it’s not ownership, it’s possession. You may say that you didn’t know the gun was there, or that it was even left in the car, but law enforcement may infer from the circumstances that with it being in plain view on the floor of your car that you knew it was present. Knowledge alone isn’t enough to convict you but it goes a long way. Who should I speak with if I’m charged with possession of a firearm by felon? Firearm by felon charges are nothing to play around with, and we recommend you speak with a top rated firearm by felon lawyer that can handle possession of a firearm by...
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