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FAQ: Motorcycle Accidents Hurt

Motorcyclists are often on the receiving end of a car driver’s negligent, distracted or even outright reckless behavior. Car drivers do not always keep an eye out for motorcyclists that may be on the road. A driver may be daydreaming, playing with the radio, on their phone or using excessive speed. Simply being on a motorcycle can put the rider at an increased risk for serious injury or a fatality. It is estimated that a motorcyclist is twenty-seven more times likely to die in an accident than a vehicle driver. While this is a very sad fact, it is something a rider must be aware of before getting out onto the road.

The best way a rider can help protect themselves from being hit by a car include practicing safety strategies and prevention. In the article to follow, we have listed ways a rider can help lessen their chances of being injured due to a car driver’s unsafe maneuvers. Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA to learn more about motorcyclist accidents.

How can a motorcyclist prevent from being rear-ended?

When a motorcyclist stops at a red light, they can halt more-so off to the side of the lane to help keep from being rear-ended. They can also use their mirrors to see if a driver is following behind too closely. If there is not a safe amount of space between an oncoming car and the motorcyclist, the rider should merge into another lane to let the car pass. A rider cannot control how quickly or close a car driver decides to be behind them. However, they can be alert at all times in order to swiftly get out of an unsafe situation if it were to arise.

What are the common injuries for a motorcyclist?

While wearing protective gear like helmets, long-sleeved clothing, jackets and boots can help lessen the impact of an accident, a rider may still be severely injured. The most common injuries a rider may suffer from include:

  • Pelvic & urological injuries
  • Crushed limbs or extremities
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Emotional trauma
  • Back, neck & shoulder injuries
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Road rash
  • Cuts or lacerations
  • Fractured skull
  • Muscle & ligament tears
  • Internal bleeding

It is ever okay to assume a car sees a motorcyclist?

Never assume a car driver has seen you while riding a motorcycle. It can be difficult for a car driver to see a motorcyclist, especially if the rider is within the blind spot. Also, car drivers are more often looking out for other vehicles, not motorcyclists. Make your presence obviously known before making any moves on the road. If you can, make eye contact with the driver before proceeding to your route, making a turn or merging.

Do riders ever seek legal advice if they were hit by a car?

Yes, some motorcyclists decide to consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer Dekalb County GA residents rely on if the car driver was at-fault for the accident. Because a motorcycle rider’s injuries are often serious, the medical bills associated with care and treatment can add up quickly. A rider should not have to pay out of pocket due to the wrongdoing of a vehicle driver. Depending on the scenario, a rider may be eligible for financial compensation from the driver at-fault for their medical costs, loss of pay from missing work, and more.

We’d like to thank attorney Andrew Lynch, P.C. for the information on motorcycle accident injuries.

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