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6 Safety Tips for Safe Travel on the Road for Summer Holidays

Make it a fun vacation when you’re on the road with these road trip tips for safe travel.


Give Your Car a Once-Over 

Before you get out on the road, make sure your car is travel-ready. Check the wiper blades, oil, tires and fluids. A few minutes at your local mechanic’s shop getting an oil change can save you hours down the road. Inspect the spare tire while you’re at it. Give the car a good cleaning, so your trip is pleasant.

Don’t Put the Car in Gear Unless Everyone Is Buckled Up 

Make sure everyone is buckled in correctly before leaving the parking lot, driveway or garage. Check to make sure that car seats are installed correctly. Wearing a seat belt reduces your risk of injury or fatality in a car accident by 50%. Even when you’re taking short trips, buckle up.

Have Back-Up Directions 

Most drivers today rely on GPS to get you where you’re going. Being lost is no fun and can be quite dangerous if you get in a bad situation. Map your journey before you start. Print or write out directions, just in case you lose the signal, or your phone battery dies. You don’t want to miss a critical exit or junction.

Keep Your Eye on the Weather 

Summer may not have ice and snowstorms, but tornadoes, wind and hail can make the drive scary. As you’re crossing into new territory, pay attention to what the weather is doing. Find a way to get weather alerts so you can decide whether you want to pull over and wait it out or find an alternate route.

Pack Supplies and First Aid 

Be prepared for the worst and hope you don’t need it. Have a roadside assistance kit that includes jumper cables, flashlight, flares and first aid. Make sure to have water and some energy bars, in case you do get stranded. Backup phone chargers are another good thing to keep on hand, just in case you leave one behind.

Pay Attention to the Road 

Distracted driving is the number cause of accidents on the road. If you’re driving alone, set your GPS before you get out on the road. Pull over if you need to answer your phone. Take breaks to eat. Make sure you get enough rest, so you don’t get fatigued. Let someone else navigate and handle disputes in the back seat. Focus on your driving first.

Legal Help

If you do get in an accident on your vacation, follow up with a personal injury lawyer such as Unidos Legales who can help you get the best settlement.

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