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Accused of Healthcare Fraud? Watch Out For Your Own Interests.

Accused of Healthcare Fraud? Watch Out For Your Own Interests.

Any person or facility that willfully and knowingly attempts to or executes a scheme to defraud a healthcare program may be charged with healthcare fraud. These cases are unlike any other kind of criminal charge that an individual or corporation will face. The health care system in the United States is complex, and most criminal defense lawyers may not be fully aware of its nuances. It’s important that anyone accused of healthcare fraud meets with a distinguished lawyer immediately for counsel. 

Insight Into Health Care Fraud Cases

Allegations of healthcare fraud often develop after a couple days. Initially, the charges would come as an investigative referral, that conducts a post-payment and pre-payment audit of a healthcare provider, doctor, or healthcare corporation. Investigations are then conducted and an indictment may be sought. 

Initiating Official Fraud Charges

When the federal government decides to proceed with prosecution, it may either convene a grand jury and file an indictment, or file a complaint. Essentially, a complaint is an affidavit drafted by law enforcement and filed with the court. If a judge finds there is enough evidence to issue a complaint, then they will approve arresting the accused on fraud charges. 

Government Plea Agreements 

Deciding whether you should cooperate with the government may be the single most crucial choice anyone accused of fraud can make. Once you have made the decision to provide a statement to the government, your success at trial will diminish. Federal prosecutors often seek cooperation early on, and the first to initiate this negotiation may get the better deal. Don’t wait to cooperate when the government doesn’t have your best interest in mind. Contact a lawyer before your words are used against you. 

Reach out to a medicare fraud lawyer as soon as you know you could be facing fraud charges, such as a seasoned professional from The Morales Law Firm.

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