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Can I Hire A New Personal Injury Lawyer During My Accident Case?

Personal Injury Lawyer

Car crash victims hire personal injury lawyers to manage the complex legalities of injury claims. This way, they can focus on recovery, while the lawyer can help obtain the deserved compensation. 

But there are instances when victims no longer feel their accident claim is in the right hands. It raises uncertainties about the settlement, and victims might even think of changing lawyers. 

For some, making this decision won’t be easy. But, if necessary, can you really hire a new auto accident lawyer during your case? The short answer is yes, you have the right to switch your personal injury lawyer even in the middle of the case, but there can be certain limitations. It happens all the time, and switching lawyers isn’t hard. 

Changing Car Accident Lawyers – To Do or Not To Do? 

If you’re unhappy with your current car accident lawyer, you can change your legal representation. But you must first schedule a face-to-face meeting and discuss the issues. If you’re still unsatisfied, you can terminate your attorney and find a new lawyer.

However, it is often difficult to know whether the problem is with the attorney or something else. Third parties can be uncooperative, or the court system may be causing delays. So before recklessly firing the existing lawyer and hiring a new one, seek a second opinion to be certain you are making the right decision.

When Can You Switch Lawyers?

It is a good idea to have another attorney in mind before you terminate your current attorney. Another thing to remember is that changing attorneys can often suggest to others that you are a difficult client with unreasonable expectations. Reasonable reasons to terminate your attorney can include the following:

  • They don’t communicate well
  • They don’t clearly explain case strategies
  • There’s a lack of trust
  • They’re unwilling to listen to your opinions
  • The case appears to be going nowhere
  • There’s always a case manager (and not an attorney) dealing with you 
  • They’re causing unnecessary delays due to their tight schedule 
  • They’re convincing you to settle for seemingly unfair compensation

Changing your auto accident lawyer in the middle of a case can be stressful, but if you find the right one, it can make all the difference to the outcome of your case. 

How to Change Your Lawyer?

Changing lawyers depends on the current status of your case. If you’ve filed a lawsuit, you’ll have to submit a notice to the court informing them of your decision. Your new attorney can help with that. If you haven’t filed a legal claim yet, switching is relatively easy. Your new lawyer can inform the previous lawyer as well as the insurance company and other parties about your decision.

Ready to Make the Switch? Call Jeff Murphy Law Today

Your personal injury lawyer legally acts on your behalf to get you what you deserve. So, ensure that you make a good decision, and you won’t have to live with negative consequences. 

Choosing an appropriate lawyer is vital for your case and the judicial system’s integrity. Make sure you hire someone trustworthy and qualified, and one who gives you honest answers and understands your unique needs.

If you’re looking to switch your lawyer, Jeff Murphy, a renowned personal injury lawyer in Tampa, can help. Jeff Murphy Law has successfully obtained millions in compensation for his clients, many of whom were injured in car crashes due to other drivers’ negligence. 

Get in touch with Jeff Murphy Law at (813) 553-5517 for a free case evaluation. 

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