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Criminal Defense Lawyer FAQ: What should I know about cybercrimes?

Through continual developments of computer technology such as cryptocurrencies and quantum computing, the capability of these machines seem endless. The federal government is viewing advancements like these as advancements with trepidation. With the capacity of technology growing, so too does the possibility for sophisticated cyber crimes to exist. 

Cybercrime, also known  as computer crimes, span across a broad range of goals, intentions, and actions. In general, the federal government investigates cyber crimes such as:

  • Malware
  • Hacking
  • Email bombing
  • Social media hacking
  • Identify theft
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing scams
  • Financial fraud

The aforementioned are only a few examples of cybercrimes. Every year, thousands of Americans will be investigated for possible cybercrime. Many of these people were unaware that their actions were illegal and a federal offense. If you are being investigated or charged with a cybercrime, you should consult a criminal defense lawyer immediately. 

Two Types of Cybercrimes

According to the FBI, there are generally two types of cybercrime. These include:

  • Crimes that target computers. This includes the destruction or diversion of data. The FBI can investigate when the crime crosses interstates or borders. 
  • Cyber activity that makes use of computers and networks to access other networks of computers in order to achieve a goal. 

What You Should Do If You Have Been Accused of a Cybercrime

Being investigated for a cybercrime is not something you should ignore. These are very serious allegations that can carry lengthy federal prison sentences and massive fines. If you believe you are being investigated by the government or FBI for a cybercrime, now is the time you should take action. Calling a criminal defense lawyer should be done as soon as possible. 

Know What You Are Being Investigated For
Many people are shocked to learn about being investigated for a cybercrime. While it is certainly possible to be investigated for something you have done during your daily online browsing, it is more likely that the government has identified a subset of actions that amounts to criminal activity. 

Call a Criminal Defense Lawyer
While you might know about computers, you may have very little understanding of computer and cybercrime laws. At the very beginning of an investigation, it is prudent you speak with a criminal defense lawyer. 

Be Very Cautious of Those Investigating You
How you interact with the investigators can affect the trajectory and outcome of the case against you. Whatever you say could be used against you. If you are uncertain about how to proceed during conversations, questioning, interrogations, or searches, please call a criminal defense lawyer immediately. In general, it may be in your best interest to remain silent until you have hired a lawyer. This is your right, and enacting it does not make you guilty. 

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Cybercrime convictions carry very harsh penalties that can change your life forever. If you are not ready to face these accusations alone, call an attorney, like a criminal defense attorney in Fairfax, VA from May Law, LLP, now. 

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