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Disability Benefits for Workplace Spinal Injuries

If you’ve suffered a spinal injury at work you’re probably wondering what kind of disability benefits are available to you through workers compensation. Perhaps you’re already receiving benefits for your injury but need to know if you can receive additional funds. When it comes to disability benefits, the various packages and programs can be confusing.

Types of Disability Benefits

At some point after you sustain your injury, the workers compensation approved physician will determine if your spinal injury is temporary or permanent, long term or short term. Those determinations will carry over to your workers compensation benefits and which types of benefits you’ll be qualified to receive. When you have an attorney, like a workers comp lawyer Milwaukee WI workers turn to, on your side, you will have a legal professional who can advocate for your rights. A workers compensation lawyer  will make every effort to obtain the maximum possible amount of benefits on your behalf. We understand how the benefits system works and will recognize when an unfair arrangement is presented to our clients. There are four types of benefit packages for serious workplace injuries such as a spinal injury:

1. Temporary total disability. In the most serious cases, when a spinal injury makes it impossible to work until you recover, you may be eligible to receive this type of benefits. A workers compensation lawyer from our firm can confirm for how long you can receive these benefits, but it may for up to 500 weeks from the date you sustained your injury.

2. Temporary partial disability. A spinal injury may keep you from returning to your full work duties for the time being. Though you may be able to return to work, you may not have the stamina to work full time. In addition, you may have to take a different position or only perform some aspects of your job until you fully recover. Regardless of the exact circumstances, you may not be earning your normal, full wages. Temporary partial disability benefits may allow you to receive supplementary income that can make up for at least some of the loss of your wages. A workers compensation lawyer can advocate on your behalf if the supplementary income is insufficient.

3. Permanent total disability. If your spinal injury is so severe that you will never be able to return to work, you may qualify for these benefits. In this scenario, you may greatly benefit from working with a workers compensation lawyer as the insurance company will likely fight your claim. This is because permanent total disability benefits will be very costly for them. An attorney from our firm can fight for your rights to full benefits.

4. Permanent partial disability. Spinal injuries are not always permanently catastrophic but your income level may drop significantly because you are only able to work part time. You might be entitled to a lump sum payment. In addition, if you initially collect temporary disability but it becomes clear that your spinal injury is permanent, you might then become eligible for permanent partial or total disability benefits.

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