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Dos And Don’ts During Your Child Custody Battle

Experienced Attorney

An attorney has seen how all kinds of emotions and resentments have spilled out into the open during a child custody battle. When two parents are against each other from the start and cannot even stand to be in the same room with one another, agreeing over child custody terms through mediation is unlikely. What happens next then, is that both parents will have to attend a court hearing over the matter instead.

Here are a few things that you want to make sure you do not do during this time, so you aren’t getting in the way of winning the child custody battle:

Forget About The Judge’s Number One Priority

Your child or children is going to be the judge’s top priority during the custody battle. An attorney is likely to suggest approaching the entire hearing with the perspective of what is going to be in the best interest of your child. Yes, your schedule and finances will be a factor. However, the judge wants to see the child grow up in a home that is stable, warm, and supportive.

If you are concerned that the other parent is going to be violent towards your children or neglect caring for them, please inform you attorney that this is a concern of yours before going into the child custody hearing. If you are afraid for the safety of you and/or your children, then avoid mediation in an attempt to resolve child custody and talk to your attorney about what you can to protect yourself now. 

Get Into Heated Disputes With The Other Parent 

Now is not the time to get into very emotional and angry conversations with your former partner. Keep in mind that your words stated over a phone call, through text message, email, or some other platform may be used against you by the other parent during the hearing. An attorney can give you advice on how to keep yourself calm and collected in the courtroom. There is always a chance that one of the parents will have an emotional outburst, and you don’t want that to be you. 

Dress As If It’s Just Another Day

Do not walk into the courtroom with casual clothes. You will want to present yourself in the best possible way, and that includes wearing attire that is appropriate for the setting. Put on your best pair of slacks and other conservative clothes, as if you are heading to a really big job interview. First impressions are key, and walking in as if you’re just out running errands may start you off on the wrong foot.

Parents who want legal support during a child custody dispute, can turn to a member of our legal team for help. We can imagine the stress and pressure you may be feeling, and will do what we can to get you through this difficult period with more ease.

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