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Filing a Personal Injury for a Sports League Injury

Every year across the country, millions of people participate in a variety of sporting activities. Lacrosse, baseball and basketball are among the most popular types of leagues. You may have questions about compensation related to medical expenses if you have been injured while playing in a sports league.

If you were injured and believe someone else may be responsible for the accident, you may be interested in knowing how to proceed in filing a personal injury claim. Prior to doing so, it will be important to have an understanding of your legal rights, including the benefit of enlisting a personal injury attorney with skill and experience.   

Before you File a Claim

There are steps that must be taken that are imperative prior to submitting a claim with the insurance company.

  • See a medical professional for an evaluation of the injuries you received. It will be important that you seek medical treatment should you receive an injury from an accident related to your participation in a sports league.
  • Have your doctor provide you with written documentation regarding the injuries you received. Make sure that the information provided to you is as specific as possible.
  • Gather documentation that includes information regarding the scene where the accident took place in addition to the injuries that you received. This may include making videos or taking photos of the scene.
  • Obtain witness information such as names and contacts. Be sure to gather a statement from the witness regarding their account of the accident. The statement should be signed and dated by them.


Insurance Companies

You will be ready to file your personal injury claim with an insurance company once you have complete the steps listed above. It will be important the you are within the deadlines as dictated by the insurance company and state laws to file a claim. You will be provided with a claim form from the insurance company that will need to be completed. Be sure that you are diligent in filling out the claim form correctly. A personal injury attorney will be able to ensure that your claim is filled out correctly. Soon after the incident, the insurance company will want to interview you. The insurance company will work to deny your claim or limit the compensation you are entitled to by eliciting statements that impact the validity of your claim. Obtaining legal counsel can drastically shift the way that insurance companies will manage claims of people who have been injured. The odds of receiving a fair settlement drastically increase when an attorney is involved.   


Scheduling an initial consultation with a personal injury attorney will allow an attorney to go over the details of your case. In the event that the attorney decides to take on your case, they may provide you with information regarding the compensation you could receive and an analysis that outlines potential legal strategies.



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