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How Long Does a Bicycle Accident Settlement Take in Georgia?

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Georgia bicycle accident victims often have pressing financial needs. Accident-related medical bills might pile up. When bicyclists cannot work while recovering from accident injuries, they might have difficulty paying rent or putting food on the table.

Insurance claims adjusters take advantage of need to press for quick but unfair settlements. Claims adjusters often stall settlement negotiations in an effort to wear down bicycle accident victims. They want victims to endure a financial crisis so they will settle for less compensation than they deserve.

Insurance claims adjusters protect the financial interests of insurance companies, not accident victims. Bicyclists who are injured by negligent drivers can hasten their settlements by hiring a lawyer who is not afraid to stand up to insurance companies. When claims adjusters know that a lawyer with a track record of success will file suit and press for a fair verdict, the only way the adjuster can save money for the insurance company is to make a fair and prompt settlement.

While hiring a bicycle accident lawyer improves the odds of settling the case quickly, it is never smart to settle before all the facts are known. The time it takes to settle a case depends on several factors, including the circumstances of the accident and how quickly the bicyclist’s injuries are healing.

Prompt Investigations Speed the Settlement of Georgia Bicycle Accident Cases

Cases settle more quickly when the facts are clear. If all witnesses agree that a car rear-ended a bicyclist who was riding in a bicycle lane, there will probably be no dispute that the driver was entirely at fault for the accident.

Sometimes fault is more difficult to establish. The driver might claim that the bicycle was not in the bicycle lane but unexpectedly swerved into traffic. The bicyclist might share fault under those circumstances. If the bicyclist maintains that he or she never left the bicycle lane, a bicycle accident lawyer will want to gather evidence that supports the bicyclist’s description of the accident.

Accident attorneys want to begin investigations quickly, while memories are fresh and physical evidence is still available. An investigator might need to search for witnesses and to examine the accident scene for skid marks, pavement gouges, or other evidence of where the accident occurred. An expert examination of the bicycle might also shed light on how the accident happened.

Investigations take time to complete. Even after the victim’s lawyer and the claims adjuster complete their investigations, they might disagree about how to interpret the evidence. Negotiations are more complicated, and are more likely to be prolonged, when the facts are unclear.

Healing Times Affect the Settlement of Georgia Bicycle Accident Cases

Some injuries heal more quickly than others. Broken bones usually mend at a predictable rate. Other injuries, including torn ligaments and infected wounds, might heal quickly or the accident victim’s recovery might stall.

Some injuries cause lasting impairments. A doctor may need to try alternative treatments and monitor a condition for several months before determining that an impairment is likely to be permanent.

No case should be settled until the extent of the injury is clear. Settlements are final. Bicycle accident victims cannot settle a case and later ask for more money if the injury turns out to be more serious than they expected.

Insurance adjusters sometimes press for a quick settlement so that accident victims will accept an inadequate payment before the full extent of their injury is known. A bicycle accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA encourages their clients to wait until the full extent of their injury is determined before settling a claim. Evaluating the likelihood of a permanent injury and the cost of coping with a long-term disability is essential to the accident victim’s opportunity to receive a full and fair settlement.


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