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How Spinal Cord Injuries Affect Victims

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Damage to the spinal cord can be a life-changing traumatic event that can cause temporary or permanent changes to how someone feels in their body and what their abilities are. Hundreds of thousands of people across the nation are living with some kind of spinal cord injury, which could have an impact for the rest of their life. Such injuries are often caused by trauma to the central nervous system and may warrant legal action if the fault of another was a contributing factor.

Spinal cord injuries can add severe emotional, physical, and financial burdens on the injured person and their loved ones. The medical bills for such a severe type of injury can add up very quickly, putting the victim and their family in excessive medical debt. Family members may have to carry the burden of arranging their loved one’s medical care, attending physical therapy, and managing other responsibilities.

While accidents happen every single day and may not have been preventable, there are times when it was avoidable and someone was at fault. When a person is injured because of another’s recklessness or negligence, then the victim may be entitled to compensation for what they have been through. Examples of damages the victim may receive in their lawsuit include medical bills, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, treatments, medications, loss of wage, equipment, special devices, and so much more. Common causes of spinal cord injury cases include:

  • Violence: knife, gunshot, or other weapons
  • Product Defects: poorly made car parts or products
  • Medical Malpractice: surgical mistakes, incorrect diagnosis, other negligence
  • Motor Vehicle Collision: car, truck, or motorcycle accident
  • Slip and Falls: most prevalent in those 65 years of age and older
  • Sports Injury: sports such as football, basketball, hockey (high-contact)

The location of the spinal cord damage will determine what area of the body is most affected. Generally, the higher the injury is on the spinal cord, the more severe the symptoms are going to be. Injury to the upper spine and neck vertebra can impact how the lungs and respiratory muscles function, potentially making it hard for the person to breath on their own. By comparison, injury to the lower area of the spine may affect sexual function, control of bladder and bowel, and leg movement.

Being part of a serious accident where you sustained injury can flip your world and health upside down, and as our spinal cord injury lawyer friends from The Law Office of Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. can attest, so it’s no wonder that victims and their families may consider taking legal action for justice and financial restitution.

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