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How to Make a Good Impression in Court

If you were charged with a crime, you will likely have to appear in court several times. How you look and act while you are there matters a great degree. The image the judge has of you may even influence the outcome of your case. That’s why it’s important to look your best and and exhibit good behavior while you’re there. Here are some tips for making a good impression in court.

Dress Nice

While you don’t have to look like you’re going to a gala event, the clothes you wear to court should be presentable. They should be clean and pressed and fit you nicely. It’s best to stick to neutral colors and avoid overly eccentric patterns. The clothes you wear should not be revealing either. Men may want to wear black or gray slacks with a white shirt and black shoes. Women may want to put on black or gray pants or a skirt with a matching blouse.

Arrive on Time

Court is one of those places you definitely want to arrive on time. If you show up late to a court date, it could really anger the judge and negatively influence your case. Try to leave a little early to make sure you get there on time. If certain circumstances are preventing you from being on time to a court date, you should contact your lawyer right away.

Turn Off Your Cell Phone

After you have entered the courtroom, you should turn off your cell phone. Don’t just put it on vibrate, as that can still be heard in a quiet courtroom. The judge may get really ticked off if he or she hears a phone go off and may even confiscate it.

Don’t Argue

If the judge or prosecutor says something that you don’t agree with, resist the urge to argue. This will put you in a negative light and possibly affect the outcome if your case. Instead, politely tell the judge or prosecutor that you don’t agree with the statement and explain why.

Be Honest

One of the worst things you can do in court is lie. If you don’t tell the truth about facts concerning your case, you could get into even further legal trouble. It is best to stick to the truth, no matter how bad it may be. However, if you don’t know the answer to a questions or can’t remember, say that to the judge.

Watch Your Facial Expressions

When you are in court, it’s best to keep your face expression neutral as much as possible. If you appear angry, you may be viewed as hostile. If you smile too much, the judge may think you are aren’t taking the situation seriously enough.

While going to a courtroom can be nerve-wracking at first, following these tips can help the process go smoother. If you have any further questions about your courtroom appearances, speak to a criminal defense lawyer St. Charles, MO trusts.



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