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Injuries & Civil Lawsuits After a Car Accident

A car accident can cause a victim to experience major changes in many areas of their life, and leave them with an abundance of questions and concerns. Not only may someone walk away with a range of physical injuries, but financial and mental damages as well. Many wonder what to do in the aftermath of a car accident. Here we have aimed to provide that information through a question and answer format.

What should a victim do right after an accident?

How you handle an accident can impact your ability to overcome financial and physical setbacks. Regardless of how you well you may feel at the time of an accident, it is recommended you seek medical attention anyways. With a combination of shock, panic or stress our bodies may disguise injuries until we have fully calmed down. Do not wait days or weeks later to get an examination by your doctor. If something does not feel right at the time of the crash, call for an ambulance to receive emergency care. To seek financial compensation for damages and injuries, many victims choose to file a civil lawsuit against the offending driver.

What if I was a victim of a hit and run car accident?

If a driver was to hit you and then drive off without taking care of the matter, try to gather as much information about the car as you can. Details such as what the driver looked like, type of car, which way they were driving away, and license plate number can help law enforcement track down the culprit. You will likely be very angry and confused. Try to stay calm and check yourself for obvious injuries. Feel your chest, abdomen, neck and extremities for injuries.

Once you are deemed physically stable, you can take the next following steps:

  1. Call the police to file an official report
  2. Ask nearby witnesses if you can have their contact information, as a statement may be useful
  3. Document the scene of the collision through photographs
  4. Get an exam from your doctor
  5. Contact your insurance agency to report the accident
  6. Hire an attorney for legal guidance

What kind of injuries are common for a vehicle accident?

Injuries can range anywhere from mild bruises, to fractures and brain injuries. The severity of injuries a person may suffer from all depends on the scenario. The most common injuries of a car crash can include:

  • Head & brain injuries (concussions, brain swelling or bleeding)
  • Neck & back injuries (whiplash, sprains, discs)
  • Soft tissue injuries (muscles, tendons, membranes, ligaments)
  • Serious degree burns (1st, 2nd & 3rd)
  • Spinal cord damage (including nerves)
  • Broken bones (extremities, hands, wrists, ankles)

Do any car accident victims file a civil lawsuit against the driver?

Yes, some drivers decide that filing a civil lawsuit is the best choice for them, especially if they are impacted by financial instability as a result. You should not have to pay for the cost of treatment for injuries caused by another driver. Many drivers turn to a Memphis personal injury attorney at this point for further guidance.

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