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Liability in a Trucking Accident

Experienced Attorney

Any vehicle accident can be both costly and dangerous. Drivers and passengers and alike suffer severe injuries or even die from collisions on the road. Some of the worst accidents involve large trucks, including tractor-trailers, dump trucks and cement trucks. If you’ve suffered significant injuries due to an incident with a large truck that wasn’t your fault, it’s important to determine who holds liability. An experienced accident attorney can help you hold the right party accountable so you can get the compensation for medical bills that you need.

Truck Driver

If the accident occurred because the driver of the truck was breaking the law by speeding, running a red light or stop sign, or in some other way, it should be simple for you and your lawyer to prove he or she was liable. Distracted drivers will also be held accountable, as will truck drivers who caused an accident because of driving under the influence.

Trucking Company

If a truck driver collides with you on the road and causes damage to your vehicle and injuries to you, there could be other factors at play. The driver won’t necessarily be responsible for paying for your medical bills and car repairs or replacement. For example, if the trucking company that hired the driver failed to properly inspect the vehicle prior to the trip, the fault could lie with the organization. There are instances where, in order to stay on schedule or meet a deadline, a company could ignore safety regulations and do a poor job of preparing the truck for the road.

The Manufacturer

It’s also possible that there were defects with the truck’s engine, transmission, brakes, or with other parts, systems or components. If your lawyer can prove that faulty manufacturing led to the accident, liability could fall upon the company that made the vehicle.

Proving the Case

The process of deciding which party is responsible for the accident can be both complicated and time-consuming. You shouldn’t have to battle with insurance companies, trucking companies and drivers to get the financial help you need following an incident. A skilled attorney will investigate the situation thoroughly and, if necessary, will take the case to the courtroom.

With the right legal help in your corner, you can feel confident that the offending party will be held liable for your injuries and recovery. The case may not always be clear-cut, but a competent personal injury lawyer will uncover all pertinent aspects of the accident to give you the best possible outcome.

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