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Most Common Types of Motorcycle Injuries

Riding a motorcycle can be an enjoyable activity; there is nothing freer than being out on the open road on your bike. Despite this, motorcyclists are at a far higher risk to be in an accident than the average driver on the road.  In most cases, a motorcycle accident is often the result of another driver’s negligence. For a motorcyclist, riding a bike safety requires being constantly alert and aware of surroundings. Despite best efforts to do so, it’s still possible for a motorcycle accident to occur. The following examines the most common types of motorcycle injuries people in accidents suffer from.

3 Common Motorcycle Injuries

Although in the worst situations a motorcyclist may die as a result of their injuries, there are a number of injuries that a motorcyclist could sustain from an accident.

Road Rash: This is quite possibly one of the most common types of motorcycle injuries because it can occur in even the most minor motorcycle accidents. . In most motorcycle accidents, it is likely that you will be launched from your bike upon impact. Road rash is when a motorcyclist’s skin makes contact with the ground, rubbing against its’ surface. Road rash is the result of skin layers peeling away from the body, in the worst of situations; the bone could even be exposed. Road rash can result in infection, making it even more important to seek medical attention following an accident. This is a primary reason why wearing protective clothing is so important.

Brain Injury: Wearing a helmet can help to prevent or mitigate brain injuries if an accident were to occur. Often, brain injuries happen when a person is not wearing a helmet. When something makes direct contact with the head, a brain injury such as a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can occur. Brain injuries can be challenging to diagnose and can have a serious long term impact.  

Broken Bones:  There is nothing protecting a biker from impact, as a result, their body can take an extreme hit. Because of this, broken bones are a common injury from bike accidents. Broken bones commonly take place in the legs or arm and can have a physical and financial impact on the victim. When a broken bone is received, the person must spend a period of time in a cast. As a result, a person with a more physically demanding job may not be able to work. Although in most cases, broken bones are not fatal, they can have a lasting impact on the body even resulting in long-term disabilities.

Bike accidents can vary in terms of their severity, but in most cases, can take a long time to heal themselves. Suffering from an accident could have damaging results, not only could you be faced with a long healing process, in some cases, injuries could even be permanent. Contacting a personal injury attorney such as the motorcycle accident lawyer locals turn to  may be a viable next step if you have suffered from an accident. They will be able to review the details of your case and help determine if you will be entitled to compensation.

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