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Pursuing Legal Action After a Mesothelioma Diagnosis

If you recently received the devastating news that you have developed mesothelioma, know that you may be eligible to pursue compensation from those responsible for your condition. A settlement can make it possible to pay for premium medical treatment and provide for the financial security of your family. An experienced mesothelioma lawyer can represent individuals and their families in injury claims and lawsuits. Expert legal teams have recovered substantial settlements for clients whose damages were significant. Many people throughout the United States who were exposed to asbestos during their employment have since developed mesothelioma. Those persons have the legal right to pursue justice against their employers or former employers.

Here is some information about the process of filing a lawsuit to recover damages from mesothelioma:

Recovering Damages Through a Lawsuit
When a person suffers loss as a direct result of contracting mesothelioma, those losses may translate into thousands of dollars. An experienced mesothelioma lawyer will have a depth of understanding about the medical issues associated with this disease. Even before the individual receives their diagnosis, he or she may be unable to work and lose income as a result. There will likely also be costly medical bills as well as pain and suffering endured. Before moving toward a civil court trial, a mesothelioma lawyer will make every effort to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. In almost all cases, this is a much faster way to arrive at an equitable resolution and allows the client to receive funds much faster than going through a trial which can last years and end without a verdict in their favor. The amount of money that you may receive from a settlement or a jury award can be unpredictable but is largely based on the amount of damages suffered by the plaintiff. A mesothelioma lawyer can also provide you with an estimated range of compensation awards that you may receive based on the details and strength of your case.

Do Not Let the Statute of Limitations Expire
Unlike many other diseases, it may take decades for a person to be diagnosed with mesothelioma because the symptoms can take that long to develop. Unfortunately, each state has a statute of limitations in injury cases. This means that those who are suffering from mesothelioma must file a claim or a lawsuit within a limited amount of time after their diagnosis. Once that deadline has passed, the individual cannot seek compensation from the accused through the civil courts. If your spouse passed away from complications directly related to mesothelioma, you too will have only a certain amount of time in which to pursue legal action. The deadline varies by state and is subject to change with new legislation, so be sure to consult a mesothelioma lawyer to learn more. Discuss the facts of your case with a seasoned mesothelioma lawyer, like a mesothelioma lawyer in Indianapolis, IN, today. Thanks to Ward & Ward Law Firm for their insight into pursuing legal action after a mesothelioma diagnosis.

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