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Seeking Out a Personal Injury Lawyer

We’ve seen these situations play out on TV numerous times. Our friends talk about them, and they also talk about how they got a big juicy settlement at the end of them. But no matter what way you look at them. An auto collision is a tremendously traumatic experience that no one looks forward to or wants to experience. Not only is your mode of transportation significantly damaged (if it wasn’t totaled completely) your body and your life is put at risk. Sometimes even if you end up being one of the extremely rare case of an individual coming out physically unharmed, your mental health will have likely have been adversely affected. Basically, there’s pretty much no chance of coming out of a car crash unscathed.

So in the incredibly unfortunate event that one is a victim of an auto collision one needs to consider getting represented by a good personal injury lawyer so he or she can negotiate the best settlement for your accident or represent you in a trial to get you a more fitting settlement befitting the justice you believe you deserve. That said, when seeking out a lawyer, there are a couple of things to consider, as an attorney, like a Personal Injury Attorney at Adam Leighton Law, can explain:

How much do they charge?

The question of most concern to the majority of people is how much will a lawyer charge for representing them in a case? After all, it doesn’t matter how experienced or awarded a lawyer is if you can’t afford their services to begin with. Most personal injury lawyers nowadays offer free consultations where they’ll listen to your case and gauge the potential success and payout from the case. If they take you on and negotiate a settlement, they’ll usually take between 20% – 40% of the payout.

How long have they been practicing?

The average conclusion is that the more experience, the better. But this doesn’t mean that one should disqualify lawyers with a shorter professional history. Newer lawyers may have a fresher take on things or can examine things from different points of view to help win your case. Also make sure that you get a lawyer that specializes in handling your specific type of case.


When you’re looking for a lawyer, you want a lawyer that works with you, not against you. You shouldn’t have to take work off or cancel a family engagement because your attorney will only see you at a time that’s convenient to him or her. That’s a deal breaker.

What will help you in getting the right lawyer for you is being honest. Your lawyer can’t help you unless you fully disclose all the details of your case from your perspective. The relationship between a lawyer and a client is one built on a solid foundation and every good relationship is always built on trust.

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