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Suffering From Whiplash After a Car Accident

Car Accident Lawyer

When you get into a car accident, you can suffer from many different mild or serious conditions. One of the most common injuries that people suffer from after a car accident is whiplash, and while common, many people think they do not need to file a claim against the other driver for this type of injury. While a whiplash injury might not sound serious, you may not realize how much pain it can cost you in addition to the medical bills you will get when you see a doctor to have your whiplash treated. Unfortunately, the symptoms of whiplash do not always show up immediately following an accident, and if you do not see a doctor right away, you may be hurting your chance for compensation in the future. Car accident attorneys want to ensure you have every opportunity to receive compensation after you have been the victim in a car accident. Please call a law office to see how they can help you with your claim after a whiplash injury.

How do you get whiplash?

Whiplash is an extremely common injury in car accidents, but it can also happen because of a slip and fall accident, a sports injury, or other accidents where you move in different directions quickly. When you are in a car accident, your vehicle stops suddenly but your body is still moving at the same speed it was before you got hit. This difference in speed, even if you are wearing your seatbelt, causes your head to jolt back and forth or side to side very rapidly. When this happens, the tendons and ligaments in your neck can get stretched too far causing whiplash.

What are the symptoms of whiplash?

There are certain symptoms you can look for when you have been in a car accident. These are:

  •      Fatigue
  •      Dizziness
  •      Headaches
  •      Neck Stiffness
  •      Pain
  •      Ear Ringing
  •      Blurred Vision

How is whiplash diagnosed?

When you get into a car accident—even if you are not experiencing any immediate pain—it is imperative that you see a doctor as soon as possible. Whiplash is a silent injury that may not present itself for days after the accident. Thus, when you visit your doctor after the accident, they will assess your condition and ask you for your symptoms. Further, your doctor should conduct a physical exam and they may also use x-ray devices to have a better internal look at your injuries to confirm any signs of whiplash. Once confirmed, your doctor will begin a treatment plan to get you on the road to recovery.

Can I file an injury claim for whiplash?

Absolutely, and when you work with a car accident lawyer in Bristol, TN, they can help you gather all the evidence necessary for filing a claim. They want you to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries after you have been in a car accident that was the result of someone else’s negligence.

Thanks to The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt for their insight into car accident claims and whiplash injuries.

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