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Witness of Fatal Texas Motorcycle Accident is Challenging Reports

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A Texas man is challenging the police’s account of his friend’s fatal motorcycle accident in December, reports KSAT 12 News.

According to San Antonio police, 24-year-old John Guevara was speeding on his motorcycle when he hit a car that was trying to turn right at an intersection. His friend, Mike Gonzalez, saw the crash and says this was not the case.

Gonzalez was visiting with his friend when this crash occurred. Guevara told Gonzalez he would be right back, and Gonzalez says he watched as his friend hit the car, which was in the left lane and trying to make an illegal right turn at the time. He immediately ran to Guervara, but the young man would not wake up.

Many family and friends spoke highly of the young man, including his three older sisters and his co-workers. Guevara worked his way up at a local auto business, starting out as a service technician, and had already become a general manager at the time of his death. He was also known for his giving nature and had recently held a drive for toys at his job, which ended up resulting in a truck full of toys for area children.

In addition to leaving behind many family and friends, Guevara is also leaving behind a daughter who is just five years old. According to one of his sisters, Jeanette Guevara, her brother worked hard and did everything he could for his daughter. Tragically, John and his sisters had lost their own father at a young age, so he did not want his daughter to experience the same thing.

Now, the Guevara family is hoping to spread the word about motorcycle awareness on the road. They say that all too often, people drive as if the motorcycles are not even there and tragic accidents are often the result. They also noted that Guevara was very careful about being safe and always wore his helmet.

Gonzalez also added that people should be more careful and that while he had witnessed his friend speeding before, he was not speeding at the time of the accident despite what the police allege. Gonzalez pointed out that his friend was only a few houses down from where he left when he was hit, which did not give him enough distance and time to go at a very fast speed.

The family of the victim is holding a vigil at a memorial that has been set up at the accident site. They want to raise awareness about what happened and also need to raise funds to make the funeral arrangements for the young father.

At this time, no charges are being filed against the driver of the car, and none are expected.

Despite numerous motorcycle awareness campaigns being held throughout the year across many different states, some drivers still struggle to share the road with those on bikes. If you have been injured in an accident while on your motorcycle, talk to a motorcycle accident lawyer Denver, CO trusts about your case.


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